June 13, 2024
Traffic Rider Mod Apk v (Pro Version) All bikes unlocked

Traffic Rider Mod Apk v (Pro Version) All bikes unlocked

Traffic Rider Mod Apk (Pro Version) All bikes unlocked. Traffic Rider is a bike racing game app that puts you in the place of being a full-fledged motorbike enthusiast. It’s an Android game that brings you to one of the most realistic and immersive simulation games for bikes on the market.

You can now forget about your favorite sports because this is one of those pure and simple video games for motorcycle enthusiasts like no other.

Play against challenges and feel yourself exploring the unlimited road network as you ride on your personal bike or drift them when it get’s dark.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk

In the Traffic Rider Android Mod Apk, you’ll enter the last leg of a daring and accomplished motorbike driver. The game lets you enter into its addictive and in-depth gameplay.

Experience real world driving tactics such as swerving, signaling others behind you, flipping your headlights on or off, turning signals on or off, and so forth!

You will experience fun speeds for your bike when racing against other motorists or going down a hill but do remember to slow down to traffic lights so that you don’t get pulled over.

Download Traffic Raider Mod Apk 2022

You can choose from a range of 30 bicycles from here including 20 sports cycles and 10 bikes for transportation. The career mode includes over 70 missions.

Transport riding is different from sport cycling, especially during the night shift. You can learn how to take part in different races and challenge players around the world online.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk All Unlocked

In order to get good rankings and acheive your objectives quicker, always remember the golden rules of:

  • Always be aware of the distance between you and other racers
  • Make sure to time your overtakes carefully on multi-lane roads
  • Do not drive in opposite direction on two lane roads
  • Tap the brake button when slowing down or stopping
  • Touch the acceleration button if a space is open ahead in front of you
  • Perform wheelies to gain speed quickly
  • Traffic Rider Mod Features

Amazing HD graphics:

this game features some seriously cool and high-definition graphics. You will have to travel throughout cities and byways that are very detailed and realistic in appearance.

There are additional night and daytime variants available in this game which results in the experience being even more immersive. There are seasons in this game too like snowstorms and rain which brings everything together while making it all feel exciting to play!

Real motorbikes to ride:

In Traffic Rider, you can use the money you’ve earned to unlock new bikes; bike credits are awarded each time you level up.

You can unlock motorcycles and scooters – which start with a maximum speed of 56 mph, and when equipped with upgrades reach speeds of more than 90 mph.

Or if that’s not fast enough for you, to really make things interesting, keep in mind that as an alternative of using virtual money to buy upgrades and customizations, real cash purchases are also acceptable.

Available worldwide:

Traffic rider mod apk can be downloaded and played on iOS, Android and Windows. It is supported with 20+ diverse languages, so you don’t have to worry about understanding in which language you are playing the game!

Unlocked bikes with real sounds:

Another fine element about this game is that the bike sounds of this game are recorded with real-life motorcycles. That gives players an emotional connection to the sport because they feel like they’re actually racing themselves!

Multi modes:

There are more than few missions that can be played at the same time and additional types of gaming modes. Here you can find a nice list of what’s available:

Endless and On The Chop are two of the endless modes in the game. Endless will see you racing through the traffic on your bike without a specific goal, just to see how long you can manage to stay alive for by avoiding getting into accidents and crashing at all.

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