June 13, 2024
My Cat is Antisocial - Tips to Make Cats More Sociable

My Cat is Antisocial - Tips to Make Cats More Sociable

Some cats have compromising personalities when it comes socializing with others. They might be great with their human family but, when it comes to other people, they can become shy or grumpy.

It’s a common misconception that cats are independent creatures. In reality, cats that have all their care needs met tend to form strong bonds with their guardians.

Often, a cat’s socialization struggles can be traced back to early life experiences. While it’s not always easy to change a cat’s behavior, it is possible.

Poor socialization

Cats are often maligned as being difficult to train, but this simply isn’t true. While they may not respond to traditional training methods in the same way as dogs, cats can absolutely be taught important skills and behaviors.

Socialization is one of the most crucial elements of a cat’s education, as it helps them learn how to interact appropriately with other animals, people, and their surroundings.

Unfortunately, many kittens are taken away from their mothers and littermates too early, missing out on the vital socialization period that begins at around 2 weeks of age and lasts up to 14 weeks.

The kitten socialization process begins when they are born and learn to play with their littermates.

They learn how to communicate, set boundaries, and trust others through this play.

If kittens are taken away from their mother and littermates before this process is complete, they miss out on this important education.

Cats that haven’t had much socialization can appear to be aloof, which feeds into their reputation for being independent. However, it is possible to develop a bond of trust with them.

Using positive reinforcement with cats helps them understand that we mean them no harm.

In fact, we will show them that they don’t need to be afraid or fight by being rewarding with our attention and affection.

This is much easier for us to do than with other cats since we can’t always predict how another feline will behave.

Lack positive social ties

Some felines tend not to be very sociable because they don’t have the right influence at home.

If we ourselves aren’t very sociable with our animal, then it is understandable that they will follow our lead.

This relates to the independence myth since some cat guardians think they don’t need or want our attention, so we leave them to their own devices.

It’s important that we not only spend time with our cats, but that the other members of our household do too.

It’s understandable if a cat only wants to hang out with us if we’re the only ones who spend time with them, but we can ask the rest of the household to help out with their basic care needs to show the cat that everyone is there to help.

Having their basic needs met in terms of food, protection, and interaction will help the cat see others as providers and reduce their insecurity.

Although we may have busy schedules, we need to set time aside to interact with our cat. We also need to pay attention to the little details, like feeding them smaller portions throughout the day instead of one big meal.

This way, when we open the feed bag, can or pouch, we can talk to them encouragingly and help them associate us with positive things.

Not giving and receiving love

One of the things that can make a cat antisocial is if they don’t get enough affection. Although we might think that giving them food, a roof and security is enough, they also need to be able to give and receive love.

If we don’t allow our cat to show their affection in various ways – like rubbing against our legs, licking us or sleeping next to us – then we’re not meeting our responsibility as their guardian.

Sometimes a cat’s affection might be expressed in ways that we might not understand, like biting us when we’re asleep. But it could just be that they love us and want to spend time with us.

Make the feline feel how important they are in the family. Pet them, give them treats, interact with them and brush them.

This latter point is very important. Not only does grooming the cat help their coat to stay in condition, but it is a great way to strengthen the emotional connection between you and your feline friend.

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